For Athletes. We transcend talent beyond sport. 

We are the people behind Australia's greatest athletes. We are unique in this field because we are the only company to offer a proprietary management model with an exclusive, limited and capped roster. We care about our athletes as individuals and provide a structured, personalised sports management plan for our athlete's present and future. 

Rich Digital is dedicated to unlocking possibilities that maximise talent potential. When it comes to contracts, we charge an upfront fee and not a percentage. We then spend our energy on creating other opportunities to grow your brand. We can help you grow in the following areas: 

  • Brand Building & Endorsement Deals

  • Social Media Training & Monetisation

  • IP Management

  • Contract Negotiation & Management

  • Networking 

  • New Business Incubator

  • Speaking Engagements 

  • Career Management 

  • Wellbeing  

10:30 Effect. 

The 10:30 Effect is our proprietary model that  maximises the 10 years at your peak in professional sport and then sets you up for the next 30 years of your career. We're most proud of helping Greg Inglis launch the Goanna Academy, focused on improving mental health outcomes of Australia. 


Our Athletes.

Our work. 



"The team at Rich Digital have been amazing, they've found great partners and brands for me to work with. Their network opens so many doors and they've really helped set me and my family up for this stage of my career."


Adam Reynolds, Broncos Captain & NSW Origin Representative

"Rich Digital have been great to work with. They have helped out a lot with the launch of my mental health foundation, the Goanna Academy, and alongside this, my clothing line, Strive by GI. Richo has guided me through the last 10 years of my career since joining the Rabbitohs and now in business. Brent's experience in digital marketing has been great to learn from."


Greg Inglis, Former Rugby League Player and Founder of the Goanna Academy


Athlete wellbeing. 

Competing and performing at the highest level takes a toll on one’s mental health. Rich Digital takes this seriously which is why we are Australia’s first partner of Athletes for Life, a Global organization that supports retiring athletes combat the challenges faced when transitioning away from sport and their athletic identity. 


Part of our mission is to create a healthy transition into life after sport by providing the right tools and ongoing support. ​

If you would like to learn more on how this program can help you transition to life after sport please reach out to Founder, Nick Youngquest at