Tyson Pedro's Project to Return to the UFC Octagon

In case you missed it, well known Australian mixed martial artist (MMA) Tyson Pedro shared via Instagram on Sunday some HUGE NEWS. After over 2 years out of competing in the UFC due to a string of serious injuries and recovery, Tyson return to fight.

Are you excited? Because we are and could not be more ready to see Tyson get back to the professional level of his sport.

What makes Tyson's journey back to the Octagon even more triumphant is how he has brought his fans and supporters along on the journey with him.

Tyson has documented through social media his fight to get back to his craft. Entitled The Pedro Project #thepedroproject he has consistently shared real and raw footage of his rehabilitation. Where there's content Tyson has shared there's 10 times more video footage that is unseen. We hope to bring this to a wider audience than Tyson's exisiting social network soon....

The most recent chapter of Tyson's story truly is one of grit and resilience. His next chapter will start to unfold as he takes a new role as father - Tyson and his wife Rosie are expecting their first child.

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