Empowering you to own your personal brand. 
Our job is to accelerate your professional and business opportunities. 
This approach generates mutually beneficial commercial outcomes


Accelerating opportunities for you to direct your

own future. 


Applying the 10:30 effect

The 10:30 effect is our bespoke model that allows us to MAP out your personal brand.  


Uniquely, the 10:30 effect, MAXIMISES the 10 years at your PEAK in professional sport and the 30 years POST to continue to work in areas that DRIVE YOU.


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As your business partner, we guide you, we do not own you. You own you. 
Rich Digital's unique offering includes:

Upfront Fee Model

Forget yearly clips. 
Rich Digital charges an upfront fee for the work we do. 
30+ years in sports leadership equip us to get you the best deal. 

Holistic Development & Management

At Rich Digital, the whole picture interests us. 
Your goals in professional sport are important as is what drives you outside of sport. 
From gaming to style, food and travel - monetise your interests. Make income from your passion project. From podcasting, to creating content, to starting your own company - we are your business partner.  


Be like Mike. We work with you to build and grow your personal brand. 
Learn how, with us, you can work with the brands you want to.  
Social media and the digital world are Rich Digital’s wheel house.
10+ years experience enables us to accelerate your brand. We get you in front of big and emerging brands.


Tap into RD’s Wide Network 

Rich Digital’s contacts open doors for you. Our network spans media, sports, corporate and governments. 
Introductions we set up for you are not based on any kickbacks, but on boosting your potential.


Own your Personal brand

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Greg Inglis (GI)

GI is the prime example of applying the 10:30 effect.

Having built a powerful platform through his PEAK in Rugby League, GI shifted his focus to POST professional sport and through the Rich Digital model determined his direction for the next 30+ years. 

Last year, in 2020, GI partnered with Rich Digital to launch the Goanna Academy with the purpose of sharing Greg’s story to improve mental health outcomes for Australian’s by breaking down stigma and starting a conversation. GI is dedicated to the Academy and has an apparel brand in the works...

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"Athletes for Life are dedicated to enabling a positive reintegration with sport for former athletes in order to not only empower themselves, but those around them."



Competing and performing at the highest level takes a toll on one’s mental health.


Rich Digital takes this seriously which is why we are Australia’s first partner of Athletes for Life - a global organisation that supports retiring athletes who face the challenges of transitioning away from sport and their athletic identity.